Julian, the shelf elf, and the tooth fairy

Thursday, December 20, 2012

Our cute little elf makes his way from the north pole every December and the kids find him in a different silly place every morning. He does this with magic. And if anyone touches him, the magic goes away and he turns into a regular ol non-magical doll. The kids take this very seriously and in the 3 years we’ve had him, no one has touched him.

We’re doing an advent calendar for the first time this year, and on the 18th, the message in the bag was “enjoy your new books!” and before I went to bed I hung the books on the top line of advent bags. So the next morning when the kids woke up, they found the “shelf elf” (or “elf shelf”, they interchange his name) sitting on the same string as the books, reading his own little book!


So that night, after the littles were in bed, Julian and I were hanging out at the kitchen table (reading, homework, legos, talking) and he gave the #19 bag a little squeeze and the elf FELL to the floor. Julian moaned, screamed, covered his face, fell to the floor, and cried “OH NO! I’M SO SORRY! OH NO OH NO OH NO!” He was terrified that the elf had lost his magic, that the elf would tell Santa, that he would be added to the naughty list. It was so hard for me to watch because all I wanted to say to make it all better was “It’s ok Julian! It’s not real! It’s just pretend.” But that was not an option! In those few moments I weighed the way he was feeling at the moment to the way he would feel if I crushed his elf magic… and so the Christmas tradition continues. And if I had any hunch that Julian was on the verge of finding out the truth about Santa, his true-to-the-core reaction proved me wrong. Sweet little eight year old boy. The next morning the elf was back, in a different place, and with a band-aid on his cheek.

The very next day Julian lost a tooth at school and asked me if the tooth fairy was real. I asked what the kids at school say and he said they say it’s their mom who gives the money. I said, “Well… I bet if you stop believing in the tooth fairy, she’ll stop bringing you money.” And that was that.

So fun, these days.

2 Responses to “Julian, the shelf elf, and the tooth fairy”

  1. That’s what my parents always said too. I still believe ;)

  2. awwwwww- sweet boy! Good resolution mom, on both the elf and the tooth fairy. Have you or the kids seen Rise of the Guardians? It’s a great movie that focuses on kids’ belief keeping the Guardians (santa, tooth fairy, sandman, easter bunny, and jack frost) “alive”.

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