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Saturday, December 29, 2012

Until now I have been opposed to the way Lego sells prepackaged, pre-designed, pre-thunk kits. It’s hard to find just a box of regular Legos and I always thought they were forcing a stifling of creativity by selling only the kits. Because “Back in my day they didn’t have those kits. We had to build our own castles and boats and planes!”

Well for the first time we bought Julian a Lego Monster Vampyre Castle, which he put together in about three days, without much rest. He was totally into it! The castle is awesome and he’s had fun playing with it.

This morning, a week after he completed the castle, he got out his big bucket of “regular” non-kit Legos and went all architect on them. He made his very own house boat with very clever features and structure. I love that my Lego kit concerns were proven wrong!

Look for these things:
red slide
satellite dish


swimming pool
diving board
pool slide
slide with rocket propulsion

the bottom of the piece used for the roof did not have interlocking holes so he secured it by attaching it on the top (see the smooth red corner pieces)

fruit bowl in back corner (you can kinda make out the fruit)
black tv

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