Sunday, December 30, 2012

. Likes to paint.

. Likes to be carried, says “up” more than any word any baby has ever said ever.

. Loves his new big boy car seat.

. Eats yogurt, cereal, bread, PBJ, cookies, crackers, fruit… and that’s about it.

. Holds his own… argues, defends himself, explains himself (in his cute baby way)

. Looks at his previous source of milk, tilts his head, and says “Milk? All gone?”

. Says “mama, wook!” every time he does something he’s proud of or sees something share-worthy.

. Goes to sleep like a sweetie pie every single time. (until tonight, right?)

. Asks “you ok?” when someone is crying.

. Rolls up the rugs in the kitchen like a good little Montessori student.

. Aware of irony (i think?). We were “looking” for his hand while putting on a long-sleeved t-shirt and when it finally came through the sleeve he waved with that hand and said “hi hand!…oh.”

. Gives me the best, full-on kisses ever. Especially when he wakes in the night and I snuggle him back in. He greets me with outstretched arms and pulls me in by my neck and kisses me firmly.

One Response to “isaac.2”

  1. Aw Sara, he’s PERFECT! Hard to believe he’s already 2. I was looking at the picture and trying to determine who he favored more. I think he’s a perfect combo of J and L. Happy (belated) birthday sweet boy. :love

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