Date Nights with Mama

Thursday, February 20, 2014

My mom is spending Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday nights with us for the next couple weeks, leaving early in the morning for work and returning to pick up the kids.  It’s been a really nice change in pace and the kids get so excited knowing Gramma’s home when they get there.  This week I’m taking each of them out on each one of those nights.  Last night was Layla’s night, tonight will be Isaac’s, and Friday night will be Julian’s. I’m feeling so disconnected from them as individuals.  It makes me sad, so I want to reconnect.

Layla planned our evening, starting with Golden Chick for dinner followed by games at Chuck E Cheese’s.  We tore up some skee-ball and some other ticket wielding games and walked to the counter with 242 tickets, where she picked her prizes: two pieces of Laffy Taffy and a small plastic boxing glove on an expanding stick.  She felt so special, and told me she was still excited even though we were finished.

To be continued with Isaac’s and Julian’s stories.

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  1. It’s been some very precious moments to treasure for sure. Those right off the press – straight from school stories. I’ll cherish these memories ;)

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