Saturday, July 5, 2014

This past week, the third week of summer, I took off from work so we could all have a lazy, late-sleeping, late-staying up, packed with activities kind of summer.  Since the kids aren’t old enough to stay home alone, they have to continue getting up at the same early hour as during school, so I can get them to summer camp/school so I can go to work. But this past week was full of summertime magic.

We went swimming at friends’ houses and public pools. Stayed out late visiting friends I haven’t seen in forever. We had ice cream for dinner. The big kids did a kid-centric conditioning boot camp training event on Tuesday night with more than 100 other kids.  We watched a more than regular amount of TV.  We all accidentally went a whole day without brushing our teeth. We ate snacks all day long, fruit, crackers, cheese, chips, granola bars; whatever everyone could reach, having meals only every now and then.

Fourth of July was a great night; the best way to wind down this wonderful week.  We went with Neala and her family to her mom’s house who lives a block away from a big field where the neighborhood gathered to watch fireworks. The musicians in the family brought their drums and a brown paper sack of other little instruments and some homemade looking standing stringed instrument to where our patchwork of blankets for 6 families were laid out. Someone would start a beat and anyone who wanted to could join in. Kids were running around wild with glow sticks, up way too late but having so much fun. And no one stopped any of them when they took a break from playing and reached for an instrument to bang on. It was pretty magical.  Layla even conducted a little ditty, handing instruments to people and telling when to start playing. She handed Tressa a tambourine and told her to play when she heard the drums. Tressa and I got lost in conversation and she missed her cue. And when Layla came over she said “Didn’t you hear the drums?” I loved how she was comfortable enough to follow up.

And today, everyone slept until 10:30 except for Julian, who slept until 1pm. !!?  We are a lazy bunch today. It’s been a good summer.

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  1. So glad that you are enjoying summer

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