Day 7. Come for a walk or there will be consequences

Wednesday, March 18, 2020

I came up with a schedule for the kids to help keep them somewhat structured. Funny that Tuesday was the first day it was implemented and today it went out the window. For now I think the most important thing on the schedule is our twice a day walk. Sunshine and fresh air is imperative to mental health, even though that’s only part of it. So twice a day we walk. It’s a struggle to get everyone out of the house but it’s a fight I’m into right now. I had to threaten Julian with less tech time if he didn’t join us once. That worked, for now. 

My work day was full of meetings and half-parenting. It’s a heavy load, trying to be efficient at work and keep the kids together. It would be so easy to let them veg out on the tv all day long, but that can’t be good on a daily basis; we’ll save that for the weekends. 

My body hurts from sitting on these wooden dining chairs all day. I miss my fancy rolly work chair. And my 2 extra monitors.

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