Day 5. Mostly normal til now

Monday, March 16, 2020

We’ve been in the house for 6 days, with a few trips to the store for goods and a few drive-times for Julian. Other than that, we are home. It hasn’t been very much different from life as usual, feels kinda like summertime, minus the playdates and sleepovers. But both Layla and Isaac had plans with friends last weekend that we had to cancel and Julian is sad that he can’t see Sarah.

The biggest difference for me is learning to work remotely, full-time. And not just sitting at the dining table doing my job, but doing that AND being here for the kids. It’s hard for them to see me here and understand why I can’t talk, play games, read books, watch tv with them.

I’m pretty worried about getting sick. I’m scared that one of us will get it and the hospital won’t have the resources to help. I’m scared of getting pneumonia and having only 20% lung capacity without hospital care. People are self-quarantining when they test positive for CV and I’m scared to have to do this for myself and scared to have to care for my babies.

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