Day 13: Shelter in place

Tuesday, March 24, 2020

We’ve officially been instructed to shelter in place. Which means all non-essential jobs are halted and everyone must stay in their homes except for food and medical errands. This is another blow to life and the psyche, but we’ve been doing this since day 1 on our own accord and this is necessary to “flatten the curve” and limit the load on hospitals.

I’m still terrified of getting the covid. We only really hear the big stories about how people felt like they were dying, and I understand for a lot of people it’s like a common cold, but we don’t hear about that very much. So I’m left fearing the worst, which honestly, helps keep me in the house. Daniel is the outside-of-the-house guy. He goes to work, and keeps his distance from the other few people who remain employed, and he does the grocery runs and target trips. He says men are expendable and mothers aren’t, which breaks my heart but I won’t argue with him because he’s serious about it. I do get out of the house sometimes to take Julian driving, and of course we go for lots of walks.

I haven’t let myself think too far into the future. I think 3 months is probably the short end of how long this should last in order to be effective. And that’s a long time. It’s been 2 weeks for us and it feels like a month. So I go day by day.

Yesterday after beating Isaac in Monopoly he was emotional and then he started crying about missing his friends. When he left with Julian for a walk, I cried. I almost got myself into a fit but gathered myself in time for my next work call.

Today I picked up the Chromebooks. I expected long lines and an hour of my time, but I breezed through all three schools in a total of 15 minutes. It was a great experience and I nearly teared up at the last school where teachers held signs up thanking us for supporting our children’s learning. Now I need to dedicate at least an hour to understand what to do for each kid and help them each come up with a schedule. I’m hoping if they have input they’ll be more likely to want to follow.

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