Day 15: There are good things

Thursday, March 26, 2020

I have loved the flexibility and openness of my days. Yes, I start and end work at the same times and my days are mostly full of scheduled meetings, but when I’m not bound to my desk, things are loose. I go for walks with the kids. I watch a show during “lunch” or catchup on housework.

I have loved drinking coffee for hours in the morning, freshly made in my own pot. And while I loved and miss going to Starbucks almost every day, I love saving $3/day.

I have loved working in my comfy clothes, getting really dressed only to go outside.

I have loved how the kids are getting along. Mostly this shift is between Layla and Isaac, who seem more like buddies than angry siblings. Sure, there’s angst, but it’s less than before. I let them go for walks or rollerblade without me and I think this is great for them. They feel brave and collaborative when they’re out without me. They share things a little easier and I hear them laughing and making TikToks together. In fact, I couldn’t find Isaac this morning because he wasn’t in his bed, he wasn’t on the floor by my bed, and finding him on Layla’s bedroom floor was the last place I’d ever look. Julian told me that they woke him up at 3am last night…! And yeah, that’s pesky and I should tell them not to stay up so damn late (especially after I’ve tucked them in), but it’s something pretty special for their relationship.

Although the kids do watch plenty of tv, maybe only a little more than weekends of the old days, I notice they take breaks on their own and do things. Layla will stop and paint. Isaac will go out front and battle with his stuffed monkey. Julian is a different story, though, it’s difficult to get him out of his room, but I think that’s teenage stuff (and yesterday school work got him out of his room for a couple hours).

I have loved saving money and eating at home.

I have loved all the Reese’s pieces I’ve eaten (and have yet to finish). ha! Though this needs to change soon…

I’m glad I can give my hair a break from the heat damage that comes with drying every day, though I could sure use a trim.

So there are some good things.

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