our odyssey begins now

Thursday, July 17, 2008

Our 2003 Honda Odyssey EX, that is.  :D

It is AWESOME!  So roomy!  So many nooks and crannies!  It has 11 cup holders (11!  why?!!)!  Automatic sliding doors (my favorite feature so far)! Leather, heated seats! Captains chairs in the second row!  HUGE trunk space even beyond the 3rd row, which can fold down completely into the floor!  It’s a 2003 and only has 45k miles!

Daniel did all the work on this baby.  He found it online, called Carmax and was approved over the phone for the loan, went in, signed some lots of paperwork, and by the time I was off work, I drove the kids over, signed the stuff, and we drove away.  I love Carmax!  :D

12 Responses to “our odyssey begins now”

  1. Hot Damn that IS exciting woo whoooooooooooooo :)
    now what the heck is on Julian’s head – does he have a headset?

  2. Sweet! :D Now gather everyone~ you, daniel, julian, layla, pa, granma and take a road trip to Iowa. ;)

  3. Careful with the rear door as you pull into your driveway….. ;)

  4. Neato- burrito! What a dream!

  5. :)) Dad! Our main concern is pulling into the garage far enough so the back doesn’t get smashed by our door! We’re going to install a hanging tennis ball. :D

    When we DO make our trip to Iowa, you’re assigned the 3rd row. =))

    Mama, Julian’s listening to an audio book on his mp3 player.

  6. I’m ready let’s cruise…to Iowa

  7. Okay…… :))sweeter! Let me know when. It would be nice to come before nov. dec. that way you can see how beautiful it is on the sunny :sun days here and eat some fresh Iowa corn….and to see rolling corn fields and rolling grass knolls of wildflowers. We would be so excited having all of you here. :love :) :D :D

  8. Let the ODYSSEY begin with ROAD trip to :sun IOWA :)

  9. clever girl DiL….

  10. What a coincidence….. I just rode at lunch today in one of those. Wow….definately roomy. We had a 6′-3″ tall guy in the third row and he commented that it was roomy – we even had our 2nd row seats pushed back comfortably.

    How do you close the door for julian or layla? Just flip the inside handle forward and it trips the switch.

  11. Oh boy o boy o boy – how well I remember when we traded in our Honda Civic and got the Caravan, in 1986 – we were so proud and happy! And – all 4 kids (ages 13, 12, 10 & 7) wouldn’t fit into that Civic even one more time.

    (I’ll bet Daniel remembers it well, too.)

    I am every bit as proud and happy for you now as I was for us then – and probably even MORE so. Love and hugs to all 4 of you!

  12. Congratulations!! I can’t wait for us to get a new car.. My little civic can barely fit us! :D

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