Layla J; 15 months

Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Layla is doing the cutest thing this week.  We call it her “mean face” because she puts her chin down and glares at you through the top of her head.  I have no idea where she learned this (maybe from her cousin Kaylie last year ;) ).  She was facing me on my lap when I saw it for the first time.  I had looked away and when I looked back at her, she was glowering.  It is so funny.  And of course now we all laugh when she does it so it’s more difficult for her to do it as well as before since she can’t always get the smile off her face.

And she is such the lovinest baby.  She spent the day at home with Daniel and Julian yesterday and walked up to Daniel numerous times for unprompted kisses.  She lays her body over ours if we’re laying on the floor.  Every time I pick her up, she pats my arm/shoulder/back and I realized it’s because every time I pick her up, I pat her, even just briefly.  She loves to give hugs and kisses to Julian, and ohh does he love that.   This morning on our way into school he told me Layla looked pretty today (in her “new” second-hand gray dress).  They wrestle, and she yelps, he lets her go, but torments her just enough, when she finally breaks free she goes back for more.  I love to watch them together.

She’s saying a handful of words now: mama, papa, and she’s trying so hard to say Julian… it’s mostly just “ju”, sometimes “juey”, app (apple), nana (banana), buh (bunny), bubba (baby… ha), nigh-nigh.  She can tell you what a dinosaur says (agghghhhh) and what a kitty says (you’ve never heard a cuter kitty cat voice say “mew” ).  She finally signs “more” the right way, versus making the “eat” sign.  And she does say more and eat… but those two just sound like “mmmhh??”

She’s quite a picky eater it seems.  And the biggest issue I have with this is that she DOESN’T LIKE POTATOES.  What kind of baby doesn’t like potatoes??  Potatoes are definitely in my top 5 foods.  I don’t know if it’s acceptable that she doesn’t like them.  She’ll have a mouthful of stew (rice, cabbage, potato, chicken) and will find the rogue potato in her mouth and dig it out.  And if we’re lucky she’ll lay it on her plate, although most often she hurls it to the floor.

To help her transition to the toddler room at daycare, we’ve started giving her a single nap during the day when she’s home with us.  She only gets one at daycare, and for about a month that has really been difficult on her.  Not only does she get one nap, but she’s on a cot (not a crib), and the nap hasn’t been happening until 1ish…which is NOT ok for a baby who wakes up at 6am.  I’ve talked to the daycare folks and they have agreed to put her down immediately after lunch (which means having her bed prepped before they eat), and I’ve agreed to nap her around the same time when we’re home.  I’m happy to say, Saturday-Monday she took a single nap and did wonderfully.   We also found a direct relationship between the bunny, her sleeping habits, and thumb sucking.  We decided we’d keep the bunny put away during the day, only bringing it out for naps.  Immediately we noticed that she rarely sucked her thumb during the day (until she was very tired and ready for bed) and did a lot more playing, making it easier for her to stay awake.  We’re not overly concerned about her thumb sucking yet, but it is nice to see that it lessens if she doesn’t have bunny trailing behind her.

5 Responses to “Layla J; 15 months”

  1. She is gorgeous:)

  2. She’s so beautiful and sounds like an absolute doll!

  3. ;))maybe she did….but, kaylie’s always got a smile on…but, tyler sure does get that look sometimes.
    I love her shoes! :love ;)

    ~Aunt Brandi ~Uncle Brandon
  4. precious love ;))

  5. Jonas’ blankie= finger sucking. No blankie=no finger sucking. Too bad he was 6 before we figured this out. :p

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